Unique SPARC Event in City


Lun*na Menoh 2.0, presented by the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC), featured Lun*na Menoh and Saori Mitome (Les Sewing Sisters) at Burke-Triolo Studios, 538 Mission Street, last Saturday, unveiling new performances.

Musician Lun*na Menoh returned for new performance of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, re-imagined using sampled sewing machine noise and found sound.

The Les Sewing Sisters include Lun*na Menoh and Saori Mitome as the Les Sewing Sisters. They created the combination of sewing machine music (noise), dress-making and women working together, using twisted language and action.

Lun*na Menoh is a Japanese-born singer, designer, sewing artist who lives in Los Angeles. Her work deals with fashion, clothing and exposing the invisible thread between performance and fabric by making sculpturesque dresses and paintings, Her series of fashion feature her conceptual but wearable outfits.

Saori Mitome, a fashion/costume designer was born in Japan moved to Los Angeles in 2005 where she graduated from Los Angeles Trade Technical College (Fashion Design Program) in 2012. She studied fashion technical skills, such as flat pattern making, draping, and clothing construction.

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