South Pasadena Interim City Manager Elaine Aguilar says the process for updating the City’s General Plan and Mission Street Specific Plan, nearing its sixth month of an approximately two-year process, is moving forward on schedule.

The City’s General Plan and Mission Street Specific Plan are the citizens’ “blueprint” for development, the vision for what they would like South Pasadena to become over the next five, 10, 15, 20 years.

Up to now, the public has submitted surveys with data studied by a consulting team as well as attended a series of focus group meetings, held evening workshops and Charrettes, which have focused on developing a physical vision for the future of the city.

Aguilar said the next stage of public engagement following the conclusion of the Charrette process in late April is set to begin.

Various focus groups will meet over the next two months to review draft documents relating to their areas of interest. City officials say vital public input during future meetings will become the building blocks for drafting the updated General Plan and the Specific Plan.

Drafts of both plans will be presented at a joint meeting of the Planning Commission and the City Council in November. Both governmental bodies will then be asked to endorse the documents as a basis for the required Environmental Impact Report.

“Our consulting team are now in the process of developing individual policy and objectives for the different components of the general plan,” said Aguilar. “They have divided up the general plan into a number of sections that will come back for the public to review. I really like the title ‘Our Prosperous Community,’ which is our next focus group meeting. I really encourage the public to be in attendance for all the upcoming meetings.”

Aguilar calls the General Plan and Specific Plan update “an exciting process. It’s a great time for our community to reassess with the community what the vision for South Pasadena is in the future.”

South Pasadena Focus group meeting schedule:

  • Our Prosperous Community, June 29, 7 p.m., Senior Center,
1102 Oxley Street.
  • Our Natural Community & Our Healthy/Safe Community, July 13, 
7 p.m., Community Room, 1115 El Centro Street.
  • Our Active Community &
Our Creative Community, August 29, 7 p.m., Senior Center, 1102 Oxley Street.
  • CORE Group, October 10, 
7 p.m., Community Room, 1115 El Centro Street.

The date and time of the Planning Commission and City Council joint meeting will be announced at a later date.


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