2014 Graduate Wins Prestigious Scholarship

2014 South Pas High graduate Jason Ku Wang will be headed to Schwarzman College on the campus of Tsinghua University in Beijing next year after being named to the scholarships 3rd class on Dec. 4. The Schwarzman Scholarship is young but has already earned prestige through its rigorous selection process.

Wang, a senior in his 4th and final year at Stanford University, where he is pursuing a major in Mathematical and Computational Science major with minors in Biology and English, was one of only 142 students selected from 4,000 applicants worldwide.

Janet Anderson, Principal of South Pasadena High School, said she was “so pleased that Jason has received this honor. He has continued the path of hard work and achievement that he demonstrated while a student at SPHS.”

Anderson noted that while in high school, Wang earned the honor of being Siemen’s Scholar, National Merit Finalist, Commissioner of Internal Affairs, C.F.O. of the National Championship Virtual Business team, Oasis, and winner of the Aiden Salek Scholarship for his efforts to make a difference in the world. 


“Now,” said Anderson, “knowing that Jason will study abroad, I am confident that he will make an impact in China, as well.”

Wang co-founded Health++, Stanford’s annual healthcare hackathon, which brings together students across medicine, engineering, business, and design to tackle unmet clinical needs in low-resource settings. As an aspiring physician technologist, he has developed data infrastructure at Facebook and Tableau and conducted research in structural biology and clinical informatics. Through Schwarzman Scholars, Wang hopes to explore how societal norms and government policies perpetuate healthcare inequality, with the ultimate goal of leveraging emerging advancements in artificial intelligence to improve healthcare access.

The Schwarzman Class of 2019 is comprised of students from 39 countries and 97 universities with 41% from the United States, 20% from China, and 39% from the rest of the world. 

Wang listed James Asher, Maryann Nielsen, Greg Ring, Cathy Mason and Casey Shotwell as some of his mentors during his time as a Tiger.

“As a Schwartzman Scholar, I’m excited to meet students and young professionals coming from diverse cultures and academic backgrounds,” he said.

Wang also mentione d his interest in “exploring the many nuances of mainland China from rural communities to booming cities.”

He is particularly interested in the way the Chinese government works with the country’s healthcare industry to create a data-driven healthcare system.

The selection process relies on readers from different regions and backgrounds who can provide insights to identify the highest level of leadership and academic excellence. More than 400 semi- finalists were invited to an in-person regional interview in Beijing, Singapore, London or New York, and went before panels of distinguished figures comprised of CEOs, former heads of state, university presidents, non-profit executives, journalists and other leaders from around the world.

“Our next class brings together another group of young leaders who have the demonstrated ability to bridge differences in background, professions, and perspectives through their leadership on campus and in the workplace. They will be a dynamic part of the Tsinghua community and through their very different careers paths will help ensure peaceful and prosperous relationships between China and the rest of the world,” said Global Director of Admissions, Robert Garris.

Schwarzman Scholars counts among the Class of 2019 an exemplary group of individuals including a student orphaned by ethnic genocide in Rwanda who worked his way toward a scholarship at Harvard University; a graduate of Stanford University who worked as Deputy Chief of Staff to McKinsey’s Global Managing Partner, Dominic Barton; a member of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps who attended Columbia University; a student at the University of Sheffield who has served as a Lieutenant in the Singapore Armed Forces; a member of the Princeton University Varsity Crew team; a student who graduated from IIT Bombay and built an engineering career in Japan, leading projects across Asia; and, a graduate of the University of Melbourne who created a non-profit to promote social inclusion through sports and recreation.

All Scholars will study and reside at Schwarzman College, named by Architectural Digest as one of the 9 Best New University Buildings Around the World. The LEED GOLD state-of-the-art building at Tsinghua University, was designed to encourage cross-cultural connections and intellectual exchange.

The program’s academic curriculum was crafted by some of the most talented academic leaders from prestigious global universities including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, and Tsinghua. In addition to a core curriculum, Scholars will focus on one of three academic disciplines: public policy, economics and business, or international studies. The program has recruited a group of leading professors from Tsinghua University as well as visiting faculty members from leading institutions around the world.