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A Friendship with Movies

Steve Whitmore, The Review Editor
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I love movies. They’re my friends. I watch movies all the time, the same movie several times. I remember reading about people that used to say that books were their friends. I feel the same way about movies. But movies are much more fun when you are lucky enough to watch them with a friend. Now, that’s the cat’s meow. Hanging with friends while watching a friend.

The other day, I went to see the new Denzel Washington film, “The Equalizer 2.” A good movie. I love the character he plays. Someone that can snuff the light right out of your soul if you don’t do what’s right. Robert McCall, Washington’s character, is a saving grace with a razor-sharp ability to kill. Deadly spirituality.

My friend, this movie. I will buy it when it comes out and watch it over and over again. I have watched some movies like the original Magnificent Seven circa 1960 with Steve McQueen and Yul Brenner more than a hundred times easy. I grew up around movies. My dad was an actor. My brother is an actor and director. I graduated college with a degree in drama. Yepper. Movies are my buddies.

I have a pretty sizable collection of movies. I don’t much like the classics. I like modern films. Superhero films. I also like small indie films. I watched a powerful film the other night that personally resonated. It’s called “Submission.” I highly recommend it. It stars Stanley Tucci as a college professor with a successful book to his credit. He hasn’t written another for nearly a decade and his life goes south over a girl. It’s a good film. A good friend.

Talk soon.


Steve Whitmore is the editor for the South Pasadena Review. Steve has spent more than four decades as an award-winning print and broadcast journalist with a 16-year stint as the senior media advisor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Steve comes to us from the Keene Sentinel in Keene, New Hampshire, where he covered politics and was a columnist.

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