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Charlie Plowman

General Manager
Mickey Sullivan

Advertising Director
Greg Boyer

Executive Editor
Camila Castellanos

Staff Writers
Oscar Areliz, Zane Hill, Mitch Lehman, Christian Leonard

Sports Editor
Oscar Areliz

Senior Graphic Designer
Kelly Spiotto

Graphic Design
T Christian Gapen, Aisa Reyes

Office Adminstration
Sandra Belloso, Keira Wight

Advertising Executives
Rob Carlson, Frank Gilonna, Charles Hirsch, Mary Jane Yee

Larissa Althouse, Susan Bradforth, Eric Danielson, Melissa Kobe, Toni LeBel, Staci Moraza, Mary Emily Myers, Raymond Quan, Erin Rodick, Meghan Snyder, Keira Wight

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Outlook Newspapers is a set of weekly newspapers with a vision of not only informing the communities we serve, but strengthening the relationships among its members and organizations.

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