The following is a breakdown of the remarkable marks each member of this year’s SPHS Academic Decathlon Team achieved. The boys and girls finished 3rd in California with a final score of 59,007.1. SPHS became the first non-charter school to reach a score higher than 53,500 points (without the Super Quiz) in the entire history of Academic Decathlon.

Steven Chin: Gold (Top SPHS Decathlete), Silver (Art, Literature, Math, Science and Social Science) Bronze (Music and team)

• Adam Hamden: Silver (Essay, and Math) Bronze (team)

• Allison Ou: Bronze (Art, Math, Science, Speech, and team)

• Thomas Sawano: Silver (Econ, Math, Music, and Science), Bronze (team)

• Dexter Hawes: Gold (Interview), Silver (Essay), Bronze (Science and team)

• Ryan Jeong: Gold (Essay), Silver (Math), Bronze (Science and team)

• Grace Goldman: Silver (Interview and Speech), Bronze (Essay, Science, Social Science and team)

• Danny Safaoui: Silver (Social Science), Bronze (team)

• Zane Atkinson: Bronze (team)

• Mr. Timothy An: Bronze team medal.

• Mr. Oliver Valcorza: Bronze team medal.


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