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Andy Lippman
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A former Los Angeles bureau chief for the Associated Press, Lippman writes weekly about some South Pasadena person, business, issue or trend.

Chaparyan Traveled a Long Way to Serve the City

Arminé Chaparyan’s story is an immigrant’s tale that many people likely would conclude is proof that the American dream of succeeding through education, a supportive family and hard work is still alive.Chaparyan achieved her dream of becoming a city manager…

Can We Get a Rest From Robocalls, Spam Emails?

I was without power for 13 hours last week, and when I was able to get my computer working, I found 40 emails waiting for me.Only four of them were anything I needed to respond to or do anything about.…

Drum Circle Gives Heartbeat to Community

I’ve always wondered what that drumming was that comes from the house up the hill from my home. Someone told me it was a group of drummers, and I assumed that it might be a jazz get-together. Well, now I…

Nomadic South Pas Couple Finds Solace in Balkans

When you ask some people how long they’ve lived here, they’ll say, “Oh, I’ve lived here all my life.”Try asking that question to Meg and David Graves, and they’ll answer, “What month is it?”David’s family has deep roots in South…

South Pasadena Unified: Out With Old, In With New

There’s a wind of change a blowing down El Centro Street.The intersection of El Centro and Fairview Avenue has been a hub of educational activity since the city built a wood school in 1885 on a one-acre location. The parking…

The Sweet Scent of a Dream Fulfilled

Dreams come true in all sorts of ways, and you can never tell when, how or if they are going to come true.Maribel Valadez’s dream arrived in the shape of a small, fragrance-filled room with a door that opens onto…

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