Bringing Internal ‘Climate Change’ to Your Body

Dr. Adrian Pujayana

YOU might recall the term “titration’’ from high school or college chemistry. It’s the process of slowly diluting an unknown substance with another solution (usually its opposite) in order to neutralize the original solution’s acid or base concentration (sorry for the technicality).  Here’s the fascinating observation, though:  It’s a slow process that takes a drop-by-drop approach, requiring patience for the mixture to reach a balance point. When it does eventually occur, magic happens! The original solution changes color from pink to blue, or blue to pink. Titration achieved! Mystery solved!

The titration process is a calculated method of changing the climate of a solution in order to achieve a predictable effect. The same is true when changing your diet or implementing a treatment plan. Your body, in health, illness and injury, has established an internal climate. During illness and injury, the internal climate can be hostile and present symptoms of inflammation, pain, swelling or various immune-system cascades.  A chronically hostile internal environment opens the door to early wear and tear, fatigue, persistent pain, weight gain and re-injury.

Your internal climate is predictably changeable. Nourishment, sleep, rest and reduction of stress alter your internal function at the cellular level. A favorable internal environment reduces inflammation and pain, builds tissues and automates healing from within. Each person’s body responds uniquely to attempts at change, and for some conditions, a systematic and disciplined approach is necessary.

This past winter and spring, Los Angeles County received record-breaking rainfall. It was a desperately needed change in our climate, one that brought us out of a very long drought and recharged our water reservoirs.  Death Valley, known for its hostile dry heat, prevents any plant life from thriving. But the rainfall and altered temperature over a prolonged period shifted the region’s climate, and what we saw was a thriving “super-bloom’’ of flower activity and insect life. Bees and butterflies came back to the region, and the climate shift caused a desolate landscape to thrive once again, even though temporarily.  In other words, life returned to Death Valley when the climate was favorable … titrated from dryness.

The human DNA is like the remarkable seeds that lie dormant and in abundance throughout Death Valley. Under the right conditions, our DNA can instruct and initiate cell function to change. DNA expression is responsive to climate changes such as through our lifestyle and what we put into our bodies, and even through the threats we perceive.

It takes a lot of energy and cultivation of habits to alter your internal climate to change, and we are all capable of change at any time … as long as we want to. Be honest, you can change … but do you really want to?

Dr. Adrian Pujayana has been providing drug-free solutions for health and wellness to adults, athletes, and youth since 2000 through his private practice at Family Chiropractic Center of South Pasadena, a place for strength training and nutrition based health care.  For comments or questions, email him at