City Changes Date of Community Meeting for Clean Power Alliance

The city is part of a new clean energy program, Clean Power Alliance, which starts next month. Photo by Steve Whitmore

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE OF THIS COMMUNITY MEETING. South Pasadena has had to change the date of the upcoming community meeting, like a town hall, regarding the city’s new Clean Power Alliance (CPA) program.

The new date is just a day later, Feb. 13, a Wednesday, at 7 p.m. The meeting is still at the Library Community Room, 1115 El Centro St. Residents are encouraged to attend.

The earlier date was Feb. 12, a Tuesday, at 7 p.m., also at the Library Community Room.

John Pope, So Pas spokesman, said there was a miscommunication over the day and the city changed it to the following day. Everything else stays the same.


In the hopes of clarifying questions regarding the city’s clean energy program that promises to put South Pasadena on the “Green” sustainable power map, officials have scheduled a town hall meeting next month.

South Pasadena residents beginning in February will be able to purchase sustainable energy such as solar and wind power through Southern California Edison (SCE) because the city has joined the Clean Power Alliance (CPA). As it progresses toward its goal of using 100 percent sustainable, non-fossil-fuel sources for its power needs, the city intends the community meeting to address any outstanding concerns residents might have.

The town hall is scheduled for 7 p.m., Feb. 13, at the Library Community Room, 1115 El Centro St. Residents are encouraged to attend, city officials said.

South Pasadena is one of eight cities in Los Angeles and Ventura counties that will be purchasing energy from sustainable, non-fossil-fuel sources and making it available to residents by way of the CPA.

The CPA will purchase renewable energy such as solar and wind power and make it available to residents and businesses by way of the SCE. The Alliance is an organization formed by Los Angeles and Ventura counties and will be serving about 1 million customers, including South Pasadena commercial and municipal customers.

The energy will be delivered by SCE starting in February, according to city officials. The SCE February bills will have the CPA charges listed.

City officials have long said they want So Pas to be 100 percent reliant on this type of clean, sustainable energy and joining the alliance was the next step.

The first chair of the CPA board, South Pasadena City Councilwoman Diana Mahmud, explained the new program in an email to The Review.

“I’m very proud our City Council decided to join the Clean Power Alliance, and to select the 100 percent renewable energy ‘Green’ option as the default selection for our residents,” Mahmud said. “It’s the easiest way for our residents to take personal responsibility for addressing the impacts of climate change attributable to their consumption of electricity, which is the second leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in our city.”

So Pas City Councilman Dr. Richard Schneider was disappointed that while he was mayor the city had not transitioned to 100 percent “Green” sustainable energy sources but was optimistic that would change with the CPA.

The newly appointed Mayor Dr. Marina Khubesrian said during her inaugural address that the city will be making advances toward attaining 100 percent sustainable clean energy.

“I’d like to share a few thoughts on the most pressing issue of our time.

That is the environment and climate change,” Khubesrian said. “There is no greater cause than the crisis now facing our planet. All other progress will mean nothing if the planet becomes uninhabitable because of the continued use of fossil fuels. Tragically, this issue is being ignored, and even made worse, by the policies of our current Presidential administration. But, we can be leaders here at home.  Everything we do at the city can, and will, be viewed through the lens of sustainability and climate change. The solutions are within our grasp, if we act boldly, and we act now. I’m proud that South Pasadena has joined the Clean Power Alliance, which will begin delivering 100 percent green, sustainable energy to our city this year. It will start in February for residents and in May for businesses. … For the first time ever, we will be able to purchase energy that has been generated entirely from sustainable, non-fossil-fuel sources.  We have opted for 100 percent renewable energy – one of 8 cities in LA and Ventura Counties to do so thus far.  It’s like having a solar panel on every roof in the city, generating 100 percent clean power.”

Mahmud agreed, saying the other benefit residents will see is a cost-savings in their SCE electric bills.

“CPA’s 100 percent renewable energy product will cost about 9 percent more than Southern California Edison’s base rate, so we know some of our residents will likely desire a different energy product – and CPA offers ‘Clean’ energy, consisting of 50 percent renewable energy at the same rate as customers are currently paying SCE, or ‘Lean’ energy, which features about 36 percent renewable energy at about 1 percent less than our residents are currently paying SCE, Mahmud said. “Whichever CPA energy product they choose, residents will receive more renewable energy at a lower cost than they could have received from SCE… We’re excited to offer cleaner, greener energy for South Pasadena.”

Additional information regarding CPA is available at CPA’s call center at (888) 585.3788 and on the South Pasadena website,