City Council Votes to Prohibit Retail Sale of Marijuana in City

In a unanimous vote, the South Pasadena City Council amended the city’s municipal code to prohibit the retail sale of marijuana in the city.

Council members approved the ordinance as presented on a first reading June 7. It was expected to get final approval through a second reading by the council during Wednesday’s City Council meeting (after press time). Once the second reading is approved, the ordinance goes into effect 30 days later.

In November, voters approved Proposition 64, making it legal for individuals to use and grow marijuana for personal use. A “yes” vote supported legalizing recreational marijuana for individuals 21 years or older under state law and established certain sales and cultivation taxes.

The law as approved by the voters authorizes local governments to establish regulations. It also gives jurisdictions the ability to prohibit the establishment of marijuana businesses.

“That is the step the council ultimately took, to prohibit the establishment of commercial marijuana businesses in the city,” said Interim City Manager Elaine Aguilar.