City Hall Art Exhibit Honors Latin Women

“Catrina” by Alex Casteneda, oil on canvas.

The debut exhibit of the City Hall art gallery’s new curator — 11:11/A Creative Collective — pays tribute to the strength of the Latin woman.

“Entrelazadas: How Womanhood and Culture are Intertwined’’ features works by 12 Los Angeles-based artists showcased in a variety of mediums, including print and oil on canvas, acrylic, chromogenic prints and an assortment of mixed media.

The Chatsworth-based 11:11 — cofounded and codirected by Addy Renteria and Erin Stone —won the curation contract from the city in October, succeeding SPARC, the private South Pasadena Arts Council.

The new exhibit, which is open to the public, can be viewed on both the first and second floors of City Hall. The building is open Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“The exhibit honors the Latin woman’s history, divinity, creativity and necessity through painting, illustration and sculpture,” Stone told the Review. “Featured artists include Areli Arellano, Erica Friend, Rick Ortega and many more.”

As curators, art administrators and educators, Stone, Renteria and their staff focus on four main programs that bridge the gap between local artists and their community: curatorial services and exhibitions, including 11:11 ACC’s permanent gallery in the North West San Fernando Valley at Toolbox LA; art walks and street festivals; public art; and education.

11:11 began in 2009 as a grassroots project. Renteria and Stone noticed the need for a more cohesive creative community and for local artists to be incorporated more heavily into community beautification efforts in their home of the San Fernando Valley. In the last few years, 11:11 has programmed more than four dozen curated exhibits, 10 large-scale festivals and more than 15 murals and public art projects in the greater Los Angeles area.

“In numerology, 11:11 represents balance, vision, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius and avant-garde ideas,” said Stone. “Theories say that 11:11 is an awakening code to a heightened subconscious and the catalyst of evolution and change. We see 11:11 as synonymous with the creative process.”

The exhibit at City Hall will be changed quarterly. Dates of upcoming openings are: Feb. 29, April 25, June 18 and, tentatively, Oct. 24.

“We are always excited about working in new communities,” Stone said. “Los Angeles County is rich with culture, diversity and history, and each community is so different from the next. Just in a few weeks of working in South Pasadena, we’ve learned about some of the different things that make the community so unique. Although we aren’t local to South Pasadena, our eyes are wide and our ears are open to learning more about the city and culture that calls South Pasadena home.”

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