City’s Public Works Director Takes Job at City of Redlands

By Sally Kilby and Harry Yadav

As South Pasadena’s streets undergo repaving and potential reconstruction, as one of its three reservoirs is in need of major renovation, as water and trash rates trend toward highest in the San Gabriel Valley, Paul Toor, the City’s Public Works Director for the past six years, will be leaving to take the same position at the City of Redlands, where he lives.

Paul Toor

The announcement was made at the Dec. 20 City Council meeting, during which Toor was thanked profusely by City staff and the Councilmembers.

Newly appointed Mayor Dr. Richard Schneider thanked Toor for “getting so many projects going on time and on budget.”

“Paul has taught me a lot about how public works directors can impact a community,” Schneider said. “We’ve done so much but we have so much left to do, so I am sad to see him go at this time.”

Toor said he was contacted by a headhunter and wasn’t seeking a change. He begins at the City of Redlands on Jan. 2.

“I have been commuting up to 3 1/2 hours every day for six years,” Toor said, “and my new position will be only five minutes away from where I live.”

To come to work, he took the Metrolink to Union Station, where he rode the Gold Line to South Pasadena. He then walked to City Hall or to the Public Works Yards on Mission Street.

“The Redlands City Manager told me to return to South Pasadena as often as I needed to wrap up projects. I will be returning in January to complete the accounting for the Garfield Reservoir project and to work on the contract or the upcoming Graves Reservoir reconstruction.”

The completion of the Garfield Reservoir in October was a major step toward fixing the City’s water facilities. Graves Reservoir, located in San Marino, is currently completely out of commission. It is expected to be at least a $10 million project.