Community Reaches Out to Support Staff at MHS

Monterey Hills Elementary students last week stayed after school to write thank you notes on flower-shaped paper cutouts for staff members. Photos by Harry Yadav

Monterey Hills Elementary kicked off Staff Appreciation Week Monday with crêpes, coffee, pastries and fruit for the school’s 80 or so teachers, administrators, janitors, field duty monitors and crossing guards. Crêpe Studio in Pasadena set up a grill in the teachers’ lounge and Charlie’s Coffee provided drinks.

Organized by a committee of the Monterey Hills Parent Teachers Association, over 20 restaurants and shops contributed to the week’s celebrations.

Jamie Inzunza, co-owner of Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta, which donated pizza for over 80 staff members this week, stressed the importance of recognizing teachers for their contributions.

“Educators are our modern-day heroes!” Inzunza said. “This is our small way of letting them know that we are grateful for all that they do!”

Sona from Crepe Studio preparing a strawberry nutella crepe Monday in celebration of MHS Staff Appreciation Week.
From left: Rachel Hamilton, Serey from Crepe Studio, Karla Benitez, Tammy Selden, MHS Principal Dr. Laurie Narro, Sona from Crepe Studio, Camille Abdalla, Priya Trachtenberg, Amber Goldman and Serena Viharo.