Cross Country Team Gets Creative for Summer Workouts


The cross-country team met at the SPHS swimming pool parking lot at 5:45 a.m. Saturday to do their drills prior to the morning team run because the high school track and field are closed until July 5th. Michael Xiong, senior at SPHS, who has been running on the team since he was a freshman, explained that this is a “dead period” when Coach Soto is not allowed to coach the team. Saturday’s run was optional, though many of the dedicated runners did participate. Photos by Nancy Lem
From left, Team Leaders, Nicolo Porcu, Lindsey Calva and Alekzander Grijalva lead the morning workout.
At the end of the morning run, team members did their cool down routine on one of the school’s tennis courts as the swimming pool parking lot was filled with cars.
Sam Clark, a junior at SPHS, showing the t-shirt he was given when he joined the team as a freshman. The graphic was originally designed in 2006 by Scott Lem, Class of 2007. Andre Zumaeta, Class of 2003, came up with the shirt’s concept when he was assistant coach in 2006.