The Cub House Is “A Conversation Piece”

Transplanted From South Pasadena, the Hybrid Bicycle Shop Has Something for Everyone and Is A Haven for Kids

Employee Danny Heeley and cactus and succulent curator Carla Alcibar enjoy The Cub House’s perennially sunny space. Photo by Mitch Lehman

A new bright green exterior and the presence of colorful bicycles has marked a transition from the staid, dependable Mission Street Nursery to a vibrant new business that caters to an entirely different clientele, though it has retained some of the plant life.

Say hello to The Cub House, an open, airy shop that is part bike shop, part clothier and a whole lot of fun. Accessorized with picnic tables, an area for dogs and a ping-pong table, The Cub House is worth at least one visit just to take in all of the activity.

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