Cub Scout Pack 333 Emphasizes Diversity

Photos courtesy Holy Family Catholic Church
Pack 333 Wolf Den Light of Christ Religious Emblem recipients, leaders and celebrant: Den Chief Eagle Scout Michael Rendón Johnston, Célia Lucía Lourdes Rodriguez, Nicholas Herrera, Berchman Bruno, James Mork, Father Chris Ponnet, Axel Nur, Xavier Shakiba, Grayson Mapoma, Thomas Ripple and Den Leader Martin Mapoma.

Cub Scout Pack 333 at Holy Family Catholic Church invites boys and girls to join their group in living the “Scout Me In” motto, which emphasizes the national organization’s decision to go coed.

Pack 333 Webelos I Parvuli Dei Religious Emblem recipients, leader and celebrant: Sofiya Suarez, Omar Ismail, Den Leader Omar Ismail, Patrick Barreras, Dylan Chiles, Luke Fernandez, Father Chris Ponnet, Jesse Quezada, Emilio Duarte-Santos, Antonio deCardenas and Sebastian Schmid.

With year-round scouting fun now available to boys and girls, Pack 333 offers opportunities for the entire family to spend time together while the children journey toward becoming self-reliant, dependable individuals who care about themselves and the world around them, with God at their center, the organization said in a news release.
“In our generation, it’s really important to have diversity,” said William Mota, a Webelos II scout, in the statement from Holy Family. “We shape the future of our world. Girls bring a whole new perspective to the table.”
Pack 333’s 2nd-grade Wolf Den and 4th-grade Webelos I Den recently participated in the Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei yearlong Religious Emblem program.
“I am excited to go to rocket camp,” said Sofiya Estelle Suarez, a Webelos I scout. “I like camping and hiking and how we can play at night at camp. I like helping with the food drive. Before I would help sort the food, but this year I got to help go into the neighborhoods and collect food.”
Pack 333 is for grades 1-5. For information, contact Cubmaster Lary Chiles (, Assistant Cubmaster Adel Nur ( or Secretary Michele Rodriguez (