Curious About Curator Decision

I felt compelled to reach out after reading (“Empty Feeling as SPARC Exits,” the Review, Oct. 25), as I happen to have been the “third’’ entity making a presentation for curatorial services at the South Pasadena City Hall Gallery, under my company Vast Image Media. I have lived in Altadena since 1992.

Although in my case, I knew walking out the door that I was not going to be selected simply because one Arts Council commissioner made no attempt to hide his obvious dislike for me. That said, there were also two members of the commission that I could tell were interested in my presentation.

I, too, was quite stunned that they chose the 11:11 Collective over SPARC, simply because they stressed over and over in the submission guidelines that “all things equal, preference be given to local artists.’’ But, I understand that they felt the need to rotate curators.

I do wish the best for 11:11 Collective, and am dying to see what they do with the space!

Patricia Cunliffe, Vast Image Media