Early Morning Crash Disrupts Neighborhood; Dislodges Live Power Line

A large white truck early this morning sideswiped three parked cars causing significant damage and dislodging a live transformer at the top of a power pole that’s dangerously close to falling to the ground at the border of South Pasadena and San Marino, police said today.

At about 4:30 a.m. today, the white truck for some unknown reason crashed into three parked cars in the 800 block of Garfield Avenue, just north of Mission Street, ripping the side off of one vehicle and then rear-ended another that then in turn crashed into one other vehicle. The cars were parked on the Southside of Garfield Avenue. The crash was so violent, police said, metal shrapnel from the first – a brown Subaru station wagon – was embedded about 20 feet up into a tree. In fact, all the vehicles that were struck were Subaru’s.

“We have the street blocked off because of the live wire that is dangling from the top of the pole” South Pasadena Police Corporal Joe Johnson said at the scene this morning. “This street is going to be closed for a while.”

Garfield will be closed to traffic until the power company can secure the live wires, Johnson said, which could take most of the morning. Police urged residents to stay away from the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Mission Street.

Preliminary findings indicate the driver of the truck is the cause of the accident. Police declined to identify the driver of the truck.

A large white truck slammed into three vehicles this morning causing disruption in the 800 block of Garfield Avenue. There were no reports of injuries.

Shrapnel from one of the crashed car is embedded high up in a tree.