Ex-Aide To Holden Named To Parole Job

Courtesy Photo

Dr. Phlunte’ Riddle, former district director and external affairs consultant to Assemblyman Chris Holden, has been appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to the Juvenile Parole Board, also known as the Board of Juvenile Hearings, Holden’s office announced Thursday.

“Phlunte’ is a proven leader who has spent her life serving the community, advocating for those in need, and bringing people together to find resolutions to problems,” said Holden.

The Board of Juvenile Hearings conducts hearings with youth up to the age of 25 who have the most serious criminal backgrounds and most intense treatment needs.

Riddle broke barriers and honed her leadership skills in the nearly 29 years she spent rising through the ranks of the Pasadena Police Department. She was the first African American female sergeant, lieutenant and adjutant to the chief of police in the history of Pasadena PD.

She holds a doctoral degree in psychology.