Friends in Need, Friends Indeed

Photo courtesy of Sophia Honore Taylor

When fifth-graders from Arroyo Vista School (left to right, Evan Taylor, Liliana Hernandez, Olivia Kretz, Talula Bearden, Brooke Hervey and Sofia Angelat) heard news that a fire had destroyed their friend (and fellow fifth-grader) Grayson Ebner’s home, they wanted to help.

So, according to Sophia Honore Taylor, mother of one of the kids, a day after the Aug. 21 fire on Charter Oak Street, the six friends gathered to make posters and post them near the corner of Grand Avenue and Sterling. They made $15 from passersby who liked their posters. Over the weekend they baked cookies and cupcakes to add to their offerings.

On Sunday, from 11 a.m to 2 p.m., they held a lemonade and treats stand. Visitors were asked to make a donation for Grayson — and the community stepped up. In just three hours, Taylor said, the girls had raised $1,277.