Girl Scouts Partner With South Pasadena Nature Park

By Twyla Metcalfe
Special to The Review

Photo courtesy Twyla Metcalfe
Girl Scouts Twyla Metcalfe and Keira Grace partner with Barbara Eisenstein and the South Pasadena Nature Park to complete their Silver Award.

Near the Arroyo Seco golf course, there is a beautiful and hidden park, the South Pasadena Nature Park. You can notice its entrance on Pasadena Avenue by the green sign recently refurbished by Girl Scout Troop 47111’s Twyla Metcalfe and Keira Grace.
The park, located along the Arroyo Seco, has a beautiful butterfly garden with milkweed that attracts the butterflies. There are native plants such as the golden currant and fiddleneck and trees such as western sycamores and southern walnuts. The park is also home to lots of species of birds, and there is access to the bike trails and the L.A. River. You can come anytime to look at the view, take a walk on the paths, admire the plants, volunteer or pick weeds.
The park is also a great place to complete service projects. That is what 9th-graders Metcalfe and Grace did this year at the park. They partnered with the park to complete their Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouts. The Silver Award is designed to make a positive, sustainable change in the community. Twyla and Keira redid the outdoor sign at 100 Pasadena Avenue by sanding, painting and refinishing it.

They also designed and printed a new poster for the sign, which includes a map of the park with all the attractions — the horse trail, lookout points, labyrinth garden and butterfly garden. The Girl Scouts also organized a special clean-up (before COVID-19) for dozens of friends, family and residents and are finishing a new kiosk for volunteer flyers.
“The South Pasadena Nature Park is a peaceful place and has amazing scenery,” Twyla said. “I’m so glad Keira and I were able to contribute to the park.”
“To be able to contribute to such a wonderful part of South Pasadena feels amazing,” Keira said. “The South Pasadena Nature Park is a beautiful sanctuary for animals and plants alike, and we refurbished the sign and poster to brighten up the park and the people who visit. I am thrilled Twyla and I were able to share our wonderful ideas.”
This park is completely volunteer run, led by Barbara Eisenstein and the Friends of South Pasadena Nature Park. The volunteers host cleanups every third Saturday of the month (except for July, August and December). Due to COVID-19, there haven’t been recent cleanups but the park is always open to visitors. The cleanups are very popular for middle schoolers and high schoolers who want to complete volunteer service hours, as well as anyone who loves nature and wants to make an impact.
“The refurbished kiosk and new poster are great additions to the park,” Eisenstein said. “It is exciting that youth from our neighborhood, like Twyla and Keira, are interested and involved in the nature park. I look forward to working with other Scouts, students and residents when we resume our monthly volunteer days. Check my website or email me (see links below) for information on future events, but in the meantime, enjoy the peace and solitude of South Pasadena’s only habitat park.”
The park, officially known as the Arroyo Seco Woodland and Wildlife Park, is at 100 Pasadena Ave. in South Pasadena. Learn more about the park here:
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