‘H-O-P-E’ Sign Offers Rose Parade Preview

Tournament of Roses President Laura Farber joins Pasadena Councilman Tyron Hampton last week to unveil a traveling “hope” sign that reflects the 2020 TOR Parade’s theme. At left, a rendition of South Pasadena’s float entry, honoring women’s suffrage. Courtesy photos

For the first time, the Tournament of Roses, in partnership with the City of Pasadena, has created a traveling sign to represent the theme of the 2020 Rose Parade — hope.

Meanwhile, South Pasadena’s float for the Jan. 1 parade is also taking shape. 

This Rose Parade theme, “The Power of Hope,” was selected by Laura Farber, the event’s first Latina president. It celebrates the influence of optimism and hope, and how anything can be possible.

The themed sign, which depicts three-dimensional, brightly-colored letters that spell out “H-O-P-E” was unveiled Nov. 8 at La Pintoresca Park in Pasadena.

“The sign was inspired by the Hope theme poster,” said Candy Carlson, senior manager of communications for the Tournament of Roses. “It was made by Phoenix Decorating Company, one of the longtime Rose Parade float builders.”

Through the end of December, the Hope sign will travel to multiple destinations throughout Pasadena. So far, it has made appearances at the Pasadena Playhouse and La Pintoresca Library, Park & Teen Education Center. It is scheduled to appear at Paseo Colorado from Nov. 16-Dec. 13, Robinson Park Recreation Center from Dec. 13-28, The Block, DTLA from Dec. 28-31, and Post Parade from Dec. 31-Jan. 2.

The theme for the South Pasadena Tournament of Roses 2020 float is “Victory at Last” — a tribute to women’s suffrage. Design elements will include a scroll depicting the 19th Amendment and various items such as period-piece jewelry and hats that represent women from the start of the movement.

“Our design this year was submitted by Mike Mera, who designed our ‘Three Little Birds’ float last year as well,” said Courtney Dunlap, South Pasadena Tournament of Roses president.

“We have a design team that chooses our design each year, as well as the name of our float if we choose to change it from the original name submitted. We started building the float as soon as we finalized the design in April. Our float is still in progress and never officially complete until Jan. 1, when it goes down Colorado Boulevard.”

The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee’s final design. Design courtesy of South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee