Huge Crane Lifts, Places Tons of A/C Units on So Pas Eatery

A massive crane reaching more than 100 feet into the air lifted and placed four air-conditioning units weighing in collectively at 12 tons of metal on top of the renovated So Pas Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta restaurant Friday morning.

The enormous crane that snaked upwards into the morning sky gently lifted and placed in the exact roof area needed to cool the inside of the 5,000 square-foot, long-time South Pasadena eatery, which is undergoing a remodel at its new location.

The renovation at 1007 Fair oaks Ave., which began in November of last year, is expected to be completed sometime in May. The restaurant has remained opened at its current location, 710 Fair Oaks Ave., during the remodel.

The owners, Steve and Jamie Inzunza, are expanding the restaurant by adding about 140 inside seating along with private dining for about 80 customers as well as an outside patio fitted for about 40 patrons.

From left, Project director Sam Hernandez, Co-owner of Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta, Jamie Inzunza.

“We are going to be expanding our menu also,” said Jamie Inzunza as she watched the massive care guide the air-conditioning units to their location on the roof. “We are going to be adding some new, different and interesting items. We are looking forward for South Pasadena to see our new restaurant.”

The crane installed three, three-ton A/C units and one, four-ton unit, according to project director Sam Hernandez of Paradise General Contractors, Inc.

“We have the crane for a four-hour minimum,” Hernandez said as he conducted the installation of the heavy units along with huge air-intake units, among other items.

The remodel activity caused bystanders to stop and stare at the unusual site of such a massive apparatus working on the rooftops along Fair Oaks Avenue.

The project has taken longer than earlier anticipated in large measure because of the recent rains that have finally gained traction on the drought, according to project officials.

“The rains put us behind but we are moving forward toward a May opening,” said Steve Inzunza, co-owner with his wife, Jamie.