UPDATED: Local Antique Shop Burglarized by Smashing Through Glass Door, Loss Estimated at $10,000

A person apparently wearing a hooded sweater smashed their way into a So Pas antique store on Mission Street early Monday morning, stealing gold and silver jewelry with an estimated loss of $10,000, according to police.

The individual smashed the glass front door at 1005 Mission St., which is the front door to three businesses; Dual Crossroads, TeaMorrow and Hodgson’s Antique shop.

The subject apparently was only interested in the antique store, though, because the inside glass door to that store was also smashed. The two doors Tuesday morning are boarded up with plywood.

“Yesterday morning around 0750 hours, officers responded to 1005 Mission Street (Hodgson’s Antique) regarding a possible commercial burglary,” So Pas Police Acting Capt. Robert Bartl said Tuesday morning in an email to The Review. “Upon arrival, they noticed the double glass doors that lead to a foyer area had been shattered and were ajar. The glass door to Hodgson’s Antique was smashed out and a large rock was lying on the ground by the front entrance. Officers checked the business for any suspects while confirming the business had been burglarized.”

A security video caught some of the activity on camera and that was  turned over to the South Pasadena Police Department (SPPD).

“Video footage from a local business shows that at 0440 hours, an unknown suspect wearing a light-colored hoodie throw an object at the entry doors and pull down on the bolted door while opening it,” Bartl said. “The suspect walks towards the entrance of Hodgson’s Antique, smashes the front door glass out with the rock and enters the business. The suspect is seen exiting the business with stolen property a short time later.”

The person allegedly smashed display cases and gold and silver jewelry was stolen, according to police. The antique store is family owned. And has been at the same location for last five decades.

Police checked nearby at the Gold Line and discovered more evidence, Bartl said.

“While investigating the crime, officers found evidence from the break-in along the sidewalk area from the antique store over to the west platform of the Gold line,” Bartl said. “Officers contacted the MTA and asked if they could check their cameras for the described suspect. MTA authorities confirmed the suspect matching the description was seen at 0510 hours getting into the Metro heading southbound towards Los Angeles.”

Detectives will be following up on further video evidence and identification of the suspect.

Loss was miscellaneous jewelry valued at $10,000, according to Bartl. Damage to the door and a display case is about $600.

Just last week, three other businesses were broken into with police capturing one suspect while still hiding in a bathroom. (See related story on Page 1 of this week’s print issue of The Review).