Mayor Puts a Real Charge in Parade

Mayor Marina Khubesrian waves to the crowd from inside an all-electric, city-owned Chevy Bolt. Photo by Henk Friezer

For Fourth of July, South Pasadena Mayor Marina Khubesrian went red, white … and green.

Shunning her traditional seat in one of the classic cars annually featured in South Pas’ Independence Day parade, the eco-conscious mayor rode in one of the city’s all-electric Chevy Bolts – an effort, she said, “to communicate the city’s commitment to fighting climate change through investment in electric vehicles and more.’’

“It was hard deciding what car to ride in this year,’’ Khubesrian said. “I love the look of those vintage cars I’ve been riding in for the past eight parades. But this year I decided to go for the clean air.”

Joining Khubesrian in making a statement on climate change and the city’s commitment to clean energy were some South Pasadena High School students and other environmentally conscious older residents, carrying posters as they marched with the mayor’s vehicle.

The posters read, “Renewable Energy 100%,” “Ban Single-Use Plastic,” “Save South Pas Trees” and “Conserve Water,” among other slogans.

Also marching with the mayor’s car was Madeline Di Giorgi, chair of the city’s Natural Resources and Environmental Commission (NREC).

“This is how we give the next generation of South Pasadena leaders an early platform,’’ Khubesrian said. “This is the first time they’ve asked to march with me. I’m honored, and want to encourage youth voices in our beloved community.’’

Council Member Michael Cacciotti also went green, riding in an all-electric city Parking Enforcement vehicle.