Middle School Students Embrace Change As They Move On

The word “change” was a constant Tuesday night at South Pasadena Middle School as the eighth graders who will soon be high school students knew that the day of their promotion was inevitable and they needed to prepare for it.

“It’s amazing to see your growth,” said Principal David Kubela, who listed all the achievements of the class—from academics, to music, sports and all of its involvement in community causes. “But most importantly you made new friends,” he said addressing students at the school’s Promotion ceremony.

Kubela was one of several administrators and students who spoke at the event held outside in the school’s Quad. The ceremony was attended by members of the school board and others in the community as well as parents and friends.

All of the students sat on the stage behind the speakers with a few of the students getting up to address the audience.

Eighth Grade Student Brynn Buckley reminisced about her time at SPMS in a three-year period of time she called “Twelve-Twelfths” referring to the number of quarters they spent in middle school.

“Time is a funny thing,” she said. “To me time is what ties us all together.”

She said that sometimes the time moved slowly but as she made her way through middle school she “learned to not wish time to move faster” because she cherished the time she and her fellow students spent together.

Eighth Grade student Jayden Tran talked about change and growth and how the time in middle school was a time of maturing as a person and the growth was very valuable.

South Pasadena High School Principal Janet Anderson gave words of encouragement to the students.

“We are very invested in you as people,” Anderson said. She added that if any student in the class didn’t like how they did in middle school they will get a chance for a “do-over’ in high school.

Lindsay Bruce, director of the Faculty Club, announced that 289 students in the class were recognized with the Presidential Award and several other students were recognized with awards for athletics, perseverance, attitude, service and leadership.

Eighth Grade Student Lia Borja sang the “Star Spangled Banner” and the Jazz Ensemble, made up of eighth grade students, performed “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”