A 39-year-old Los Angeles man was killed in South Pasadena last week when he lost control of a stolen motorcycle (above) he was riding. Police were still investigating the incident. Photo by Skye Hannah

The Los Angeles man killed in South Pasadena last week when he lost control of a stolen motorcycle and hit a truck on Fremont Avenue had a criminal history that included charges of child annoyance, and convictions for trespassing, possession of controlled substances and other misdemeanors, various police records show. 

The man, identified by the L.A. County coroner as Brandon Jay Valdies, 39, was killed Jan. 8 after he attempted to pass a box truck at a high speed on the right while traveling north on Fremont Avenue between Buena Vista and Columbia, police said. He struck a curb and then hit the rear of the truck, according to the police report. First responders declared him dead on the scene.

The accident case is currently under investigation, according to the South Pasadena Police Department. South Pas police said the motorcycle was recently reported stolen out of Burbank.

According to the Ventura Police Department, Valdies was arrested on a child-annoyance charge on April 17, 2018, after he approached a 16-year-old girl who was walking alone in Ventura.

Police said he drove up next to her, asked if she needed a ride and offered her a cigarette. As the girl continued to walk, Valdies reportedly stopped his vehicle, approached her on foot and placed his hand on her arm while asking her to get into his vehicle.

Reportedly, the girl told him to leave her alone and continued to walk away. A parent called the police when the girl arrived home, and police later conducted a vehicle stop on Valdies to investigate the claims. He was then arrested. Officers noted that he was working in the city as a courier delivering packages.

On Aug. 4, 2004, Valdies was found guilty of the misdemeanors of resisting or deterring an officer and being intoxicated in public, according to the Riverside Superior Court.

Ten days later, on Aug. 14, he was arrested by the Norco Police Department in Norco for trespassing, being in possession of a controlled substance and being under the influence, records show. He was found guilty and convicted of all misdemeanor charges at the Riverside Superior Court.

Skye Hannah, Senior Reporter

Skye Hannah is a senior reporter for the South Pasadena Review and the San Marino Tribune, covering education, government, sports, features and civic issues. Skye previously served as an award-winning senior staff photojournalist and staff writer for five years for the Rome News-Tribune in Rome, Georgia. You can contact Skye with news tips and feedback at shannah@gavilanmedia.com / Twitter @SkyeHannahCA

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