Nov. 13 SPMS Event To Focus on Bullying

Bullying in school and cyber-bullying will be the topics of a panel discussion and documentary viewing this coming Wednesday, Nov. 13, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the South Pasadena Middle School library, hosted by the SPMS PTA.

The free event is open to the public. RSVPs are preferred at due to space constraints.

The evening will include a discussion with parents, school staff, students and Principal David Kubela. Two documentaries (appropriate for ages 10+) will be shown on how to defuse bullying situations, and offering case studies of how detrimental bullying can be for those targeted, in schools and online.

“There is no immediate solution to it, so people have to constantly educate ourselves on what to do, how we can deal with it, because cyber-bullying is a different animal now,” Shang Hur, vice president of programs at SPMS PTA, told the Review.

The event will provide parents with ideas and resources on how to equip their children with self-resilient skills, how to recognize cyber-bullying and a better understanding of how to prevent and discourage bullying behaviors, whether the children are prone to act as bullies, be bullied or be bystanders.

Hur said bullying has been a subject of primary importance for the school and is strongly tied to the mental health of the school culture.

“It can obviously be very fatal as well,” said Hur. “It’s very tied to the suicide rate that is growing among that demographic.”

“I want [attendees] to walk away with something new they can learn on how to defuse bullying, how to deal with a bully and to understand that bullying is a basically a behavior, it’s not a specific type of person.

“That’s hard to get people to understand, so we’re hoping to get that message across.”