On April 24, 2019 at about 3:15 pm, a SPPD officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Mission Street and Fremont Avenue. When contacting the driver of the vehicle, the officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the inside. The driver subsequently admitted to transporting marijuana edibles in his vehicle and intended to mail them at the post office. There was a large quantity of edibles that had an estimated value of over $15,000.00. The suspect was arrested for unlawful transportation of marijuana.

With newer marijuana regulations in place, this is a good reminder that unless a license is issued by the California Bureau of Marijuana Control, it is still illegal to transport any marijuana products with the intent to sell. Even if there is no intent to sell, a person is prohibited from giving away more than 28.5 grams of marijuana and must not furnish it to a minor.


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