Planning Appointment Doesn’t Smell Right

Regarding Skye Hannah’s article of Dec. 20 about Bob Joe’s contentious first meeting as mayor, the appointment of Lisa Padilla to the Planning Commission is a matter of very serious concern.

The article doesn’t mention the fact that Padilla moved to South Pasadena this August, so she’s been appointed to the Planning Commission after living in our city for only four months. That’s peculiar.

Given her apparent history of ties to the city manager and Placeworks, the firm the city recently hired to work on the General Plan, this looks very suspicious indeed. It’s rife with potential for conflicts of interest and opportunities for insider dealing. It makes one wonder why Padilla moved here.

But council members Bob Joe, Marina Khubesrian and Diana Mahmud didn’t seem concerned. Rather than taking some time to look more closely into it, they just rammed it through, exhibiting the hostile siege mentality that we’ve seen recently again and again from the city.

Any aware person should find concerns with this appointment, but the council doesn’t seem to care about that. They don’t care that it looks bad and might even be bad. That’s the attitude that gets cities into trouble. This needs further investigation by the media. It doesn’t smell right.

Ron Rosen, Wolford Lane