Reader Takes Issue with Editor’s Statement About California

Letter to the Editor

Having pride in our schools, communities, state and region is normal and healthy and South Pasadena certainly is worthy of pride. Having lived in eight states and traveled through all but seven (ID, MN, ND, SD, CT, RI and DE), I take exception to Mr. Whitmore’s statement that California is the best state in the Union. The climate and national parks are a draw for people from all over the world, which certainly makes living here more interesting. However, our schools rank 9th worst in the nation, a quarter of America’s 554,000 homeless are barely surviving on our sidewalks, a third of the population is on welfare of some sort, taxes are among the highest and the cost of living is outrageous, the infrastructure is failing, water is an issue, and overcrowding makes daily commutes a nightmare. I also have concluded that a lot of people must have gotten their driver’s license in a Cracker Jacks box because of all the inconsiderate and illegal maneuvers I witness every time I venture out in public. The granddaddy of them all is the way our legislature and other elected officials put the needs of illegal immigrants before our homeless citizens who desperately need our help. Yes, I love California and it has been my home for nearly 35 years, but in all my travels around the world, I’ve taken note that some of the nicest people I’ve ever met come from Ohio.

Jan MacMichael

South Pasadena