Residents Can Help Local Businesses Stay Afloat

Laurie Wheeler,
Chamber of Commerce CEO

In the interest of helping local residents continue to patronize their favorite local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has issued a series of suggestions.
Laurie Wheeler, president and CEO of the Chamber, said many residents have been asking what they can do to help during “this uncertain and challenging situation.” Wheeler also invited the public to suggest other ideas, which the Chamber would publish as received.
“For the sake of businesses — be they small or large and in between — we need to work together,” Wheeler said in a prepared statement. “If we all help each other, we’ll weather this and survive.”
Suggestions include:
• Try to find suitable products online from your favorite stores or restaurants before you shop from the giant delivery services.
• Purchase gift certificates or gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants. You’ll help with the cash flow now, and the gift cardholder will have pre-paid shopping or a meal or two once restrictions begin to ease.
• Check social media, websites and other platforms to stay up to date with the latest hours, closures and other details of local businesses. Businesses, please keep your information as current as possible.
• Explore creative ways to conduct business through phone, video and other remote-access platforms with your professionals, teachers or advisers.
• Both commercial and residential landlords: Talk to your tenants. Tenants, commercial and residential: Talk to your landlords. Figure out a plan that works for you and make a plan for worst-case contingencies.
• Co-op deliveries: Businesses, work with your neighbors to coordinate deliveries and pick-ups.
• Small specialty businesses: Reach out to customers through Facebook, Constant Contact and other outreach platforms, encouraging online, video, personal home or office appointments. Vendors could drop off product samples directly to their customers.
For additional questions or to suggest other ideas, email