Restoration of Historic Rialto Continues

Much-needed repairs to the exterior of the Rialto Theatre are underway and expected to be completed in 60 days, according to Izek Shomof, head of Shomof Group, which owns the historic building.
“We expect to complete the work in 60 days,” Shomof told The Review. “That is weather permitting, of course. Otherwise, it should be done in 90 days.”
Contractors are working on the Rialto’s exterior concrete, stucco, molding, windows, roofing, doors and tile, according to Shomof, in an effort to restore the building “to its original condition.” The renovation also includes re-painting.
“We hope to get it as close as we can to its original condition, like it was in its heyday,” Shomof said.
Concurrently, Mosaic church, Rialto’s chief tenant, is working on an interior restoration, that includes Americans With Disabilities upgrades to an interior restroom and cosmetic improvements to another. Mosaic is expected to get a 20-year lease on the building as well. Shomof Group will also retain the right to lease the two retail spaces on the Fair Oaks Avenue storefront that are currently unoccupied.

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