Review Editor Moving On; Assistant Editor Taking Over

From Left, Harry Yadav, Steve Whitmore prepare for the Festival of Balloons 4th of July Parade with Mark Lem (SPHS Class of 2003) and Sharon Oh. Photo by Dick Lem

Today I step aside as editor of The Review after 14 months with the paper. Steve Whitmore, our assistant editor, will assume my position.

Before I go, I want to say thank you. Particularly, to all the individuals in this community who value their local paper and go to great lengths to support it. To our subscribers, who submit letters and emails every week highlighting issues they are passionate about, you are what give our staff purpose. To the volunteers who serve on the City Council, the city commissions, the School Board, the PTAs, and the many other organizations across South Pasadena, thank you for taking time to respond to our inquiries so we can provide the city with news. You make our community better.

Personally, I want to thank all of the individuals who have helped me serve the paper as best I could. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.

And finally, I would like to thank our staff. To Nancy, Carie, and Mitch, I owe you a great deal for your patience and kindness.

Now I am off to study for the law school entrance exam. It will not be as glamorous an undertaking as Review Editor, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I will be eagerly following the paper as Steve takes the helm. His experience in journalism, spanning more than four decades, is superb. Still, it is his enthusiasm for local news that will most benefit this community. South Pas is lucky to have him.

Going forward, I hope to continue to contribute stories to The Review. There is certainly much to write about.