Review’s Coverage Called Insensitive

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I was appalled and disgusted by the jarring and flip article about the late Dr. Frank Meza, a longstanding member of our community (The Review, July 12).

The tone of the article was insensitive, unoriginal and a sign of a lazy and clueless staff and editor. While this man may be just another statistic to your newspaper, he was a beloved citizen, doctor, family man, friend, mentor and more to us. We love the Meza and Nevarez family. Their medical careers, philanthropy and community service have inspired countless people, including me, my husband, Dr. Adrian Acevedo, and my children.

If you claim or want to be a real local paper, do your homework and be real journalists. If you had done this, you would have written a story with a hint of compassion for our beloved neighbors. You would have learned something by interviewing people. At a minimum, you owe Dr. Tina Nevarez and her family a huge apology.

Rita Vega-Acevedo, South Pasadena

I am writing this letter after reading the article in the Friday, July 12 paper … Marathon “cheater.”

I am so disappointed and really insulted by the fact that you would headline an article in this way and then only disparage the image of a man that accomplished so much in his life and was a public servant providing health care to the underserved.

While it’s known that Dr. Meza was under scrutiny recently, that should not take away from all the years he dedicated to the public. Shame on you for not being more respectful to both his legacy and his family. 

April Wood Bond, South Pasadena