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Review’s Follow-Up Story Draws Criticism

Letter to the Editor
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This second personal expose was a shamefully insensitive and exploitative piece on the Puni/Wagner family of South Pasadena. Many of us older Grassroots customers remember Noah as a toddler.

This was an unnecessary hurt to load onto known and respected family members that are grieving and heartbroken over the alleged crimes of their adult son previously profiled on the front page. This is a big deal. The police did a fine job of apprehension, and now the criminal-justice system will deal with his consequences.

We are a community of families and friends, few of which will not be touched or suffer the physical and/or psychological loss of a loved one adversely affected by drugs in our community.

The Puni family needs our compassionate understanding to get through this.

I would challenge the SP Review to investigate and front page the stats on vaping and drug use in our schools.

Kharin Mishan

South Pasadena

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