Rotary Club Hears Speech About ‘Purpose’ in Jobs

President Charles Wiggington presents a book on the University of Southern California to Speaker Tenaya Wallace. Photo by Dan Watson

Tenaya Wallace was the program speaker at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of South Pasadena on June 11.

Wallace’s presentation was “Purpose Matters” which helps employers train their employees on the “why” they do their work in addition to the “how”.Studies show that employees are far more motivated and productive and have higher morale when they embrace the core purpose of the company and find the work meaningful. This results are more buy-in, better performance, and a more satisfied workforce.

Wallace successfully implemented this approach when she was working for a defense contractor by creating a culture that emphasized that their purpose shifted to a belief that their products were designed to keep our military personnel safe and allow them to return home safely to their families in addition to creating state of the art defense systems.

The Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at noon in the Tower Room at the Oneonta Congregational Church with the exception of the first Tuesday of the month when the meeting is at 6 pm at The Canoe House for an informal social gathering. The June 25 meeting will be the annual Demotion Party celebrating Charles’ year as President and the installation of Reda Beebe as Rotary’s president for 2019-20.