Rotary Club of So Pas Does Its Part to Beautify City

Left to right, at Tuesday morning’s tree planting: Dan Watson, Carol Evans, Walt Simmons, Patsy Simmons, Steve Fjeldsted, David Chen, Christine Robison, Bill Reese, Dan Evans, Graham Sellers, Marchelle Sellers, David Morales and Reda Beebe. Courtesy photo

The Rotary Club of South Pasadena has teamed up with South Pasadena Beautiful and the City of South Pasadena to donate 34 trees to be planted in the city.

Tuesday morning, the City Public Works Department planted two of the trees in Garfield Park and two more in Library Park. A number of Rotary members attended the planting of two jacaranda trees in Garfield Park after their noon meeting.

The club rose to the occasion after Rotary International President Ian Riseley recently challenged each of the 35,000 clubs to plant one tree for each member. South Pasadena Beautiful is conducting a fundraising effort to purchase trees to be planted throughout the city. The City will match each tree donated by South Pasadena Beautiful.

Funds were donated by South Pasadena Rotary to South Pasadena Beautiful to purchase 17 trees. With the City match, a total of 34 trees will be planted, one for each Rotary member.   

At a later date, the Rotary Club will schedule a ceremony where the two Garfield Park trees will be dedicated in the names of Fletcher Swan and Robert Kemp, two longtime and loyal Rotarians who passed away in 2017.