School Board OK’s Contract Extension for Superintendent

Geoff Yantz, Ed.D.

The South Pasadena School Board recently gave its top administrator a contract extension through 2022 at an annual salary of about $250,000.

The So Pas School Board also approved a one-year extension for assistant superintendents and the district’s executive director of student services with a two-percent pay raise, according to school officials.

The School Board gave Superintendent Geoff Yantz, Ed.D. a one-year extension on his original contract without a pay raise because his contract already gives him an automatic step-pay increase, according to Jon Primuth, School Board President. Yantz is on Step 5 of his contract and is making $254,467, according to his contract.

“At the September board meeting, the board approved a one-year extension of Geoff Yantz’s employment contract with the district,” Primuth said in an email to The Review. “The board recently completed its annual evaluation of the superintendent’s performance which was conducted over several closed session meetings. At the conclusion of the performance review, the board decided it was in the district’s best interest to extend Dr. Yantz’s contract through the 2021-2022 school year. The board greatly appreciates Dr. Yantz’s many contributions to the district and wanted to secure his continued service to achieve our long-term strategic goals.”

Yantz, in his fifth year as the So Pas schools’ superintendent, has been credited with keeping the district moving in the right direction and maintaining a high level of educational service while dealing with the constraints of the budget.

“Dr. Yantz has threaded the needle in balancing the budget and allocating scarce resources among competing priorities,” Primuth said. “His pay is equivalent to other high performing and high demanding school districts. The School Board has high regard for his performance.”

Primuth also said when Yantz was hired and the board laid out the five top strategic priorities for the district, they asked him which one he wanted to tackle first.

“He said all of them,” Primuth said. “He’s just been incredible.”

Primuth also said that Yantz is the chief executive officer of a 300-plus employee organization, available to five elected board members 24/7.

The website, Transparent California, has put Yantz’s salary and benefits for 2016 at $298,919. The website, which tracks public-sector employee salaries, breaks Yantz’s salary down this way for 2016.

His regular pay is $244,050. His total pay is $257,250 and his benefits are $41,669 bringing his total compensation package that includes pay and benefits to be $298,919.

According to Yantz’s 2014 employment contract with the School District, his salary initially was $225,000 a year including annual step increases each of the following years.

“Upon initial employment, the annual salary of the Superintendent shall be $225,000 (corresponding to Step 1 of the Superintendent Salary Schedule, a true and correct copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit “A”) payable in twelve (12) equal monthly installments, pursuant to the District’s usual payroll procedures,” according to the language in the contract.

The contract continues: “The Superintendent shall advance to Step 2 of the Superintendent Salary Schedule effective September 1, 2014. Conditioned on a satisfactory evaluation for the immediate preceding school year, the Superintendent shall be entitled to annual step advancement commencing July 1, 2015, and annually thereafter on each succeeding July 1, until the Superintendent has reached the maximum step.

“Any adjustments in salary, other than those specifically provided for above, made during the life of this Agreement shall be in the form of a written amendment and shall become a part of this Agreement and shall not automatically operate as either a termination or extension of this Agreement.”