‘Snow Day’ Brrr-ings Out The Fun

Saturday was South Pasadena’s annual “Snow Day” — when, to the delight of youngsters, the usual lush green surroundings of Garfield Park were turned into a temporary winter wonderland by the city’s Community Services Department.

As whole families frolicked in the trucked-in snow, some kids threw snowballs at family members, others built mini snowmen or tried to make snow angels, and one toddler even ate some snow, just to get a taste.

In an adjacent area, kids and adults alike slid down a snowy embankment with lanes, aboard sleds they brought themselves or which were provided.

One of the biggest fans of the frosty stuff was Mayor Bob Joe (bottom row, center), who, like the kids, helped with a snowman … and even tossed a few snowballs. Photos by Henk Friezer