South Pasadena Preservation Foundation Event On Saturday

The South Pasadena Preservation Foundation invites the community to help celebrate the end of the 710 freeway fight at its annual event at 3 p.m. this Saturday, June 22 at 318 Fairview Ave., South Pasadena, hosted by Kate and Odom Stamps.

“Putting the freeway fight to rest feels a little like being Jedi warriors and defeating the Evil Empire in a galaxy not so long ago and far away,” said Glen Duncan, longtime freeway fighter and Preservation Foundation board member.

At the event, architectural history researcher John Ripley will talk about historical houses in South Pasadena and the famous people who lived here. He will also show attendees how to use the South Pasadena Historic Inventory and his independent historic database in applying for centennial plaques on homes built 100 or more years ago. Several previously approved centennial plaques will be awarded to local historical homeowners.

The 2019-2020 board of directors will also be elected and installed.

Preservation Foundation Board Member Joanne Nuckols said: “It’s now time to rededicate ‘the Force’ to mend 70 years of damage (caused by the 710 issue). We want to enable owner-occupant renovators to purchase those poorly maintained homes at prices that would facilitate renovation and sweat-equity investment in South Pasadena,” she said.

“As Caltrans sells them off, let’s work together to assure that restoration-minded pride-of-ownership buyers are given priority over slumlord property managers who do minimal patchwork maintenance to maximize profit from rentals.”