South Pasadena Students Shine at Elementary Math Field Day

L-R, Grace Fayette, Mason Asakura, Isabelle Huang. Photo courtesy of Dawn Tull

“Divide and Conquer” was the theme for the day as South Pasadena’s finest young mathletes gathered at the 28th Annual Elementary Math Field Day, held recently at Arroyo Vista Elementary School.

A total of 114 mathematically talented fourth and fifth grade students from Arroyo Vista, Marengo and Monterey Hills Schools participated in the event.

Forty South Pasadena High School (SPHS) students wrote and conducted the field day events, which emphasized skills highlighted in the California Common Core Math Standards. Students were challenged in Mental Math, Problem Solving, Estimation, Calculator, Math Jeopardy, Math Relay, Spatial Reasoning and Math logic games.

Following the morning activities, the students, their teachers, and parents gathered in the patio for the awards ceremony. SPHS seniors presented the trophies and ribbons to all students in recognition of their outstanding efforts.

Natalie Larsen, L-R, Zoe Kato, Jack Grotenstein. Photo courtesy of Danw Tull

SPHS seniors Lauren Kafkaloff, Lindsey Kuwahara, Noah Parker, Rainey Tilley, Sarah Sy, Ben Kim, Angela Zhang, Kayla Zhang, Alison Liao, Jean Lih, Flora Cheung, Hannah Kim, Rachel Lu, Ryan Jeong and former South Pasadena student Caroline Choi were praised for their years of service to the math field day program.

Teachers Helena Yee, Dawn Tull, Rachael Rodriquez, and Sharon Reed coached and encouraged the participating students and were justifiably proud of their young and talented mathematicians. Arroyo Vista Assistant Kyle Bender supervised the facilities and activities. Principals Patricia Cheadle from Marengo and Laurie Narro from Monterey Hills supported the event with their attendance and leadership. 

A grant by the South Pasadena Chinese-American Club made the event possible. A donation of supplies was made by Walgreens of San Gabriel.