Speaking In Support of ‘Measure C’ Issue

•First, let’s try to separate the office of city clerk from the current elected, Evelyn Zneimer. Ms. Zneimer has been an involved, loyal South Pasadena resident for years. I consider her a good friend, a devoted mother and a highly capable city clerk.

When the City Council decided in 2013 to hire an appointed chief city clerk, I believed I voted against that idea because I wanted to keep the elected position. Since that time the hired appointees have performed well, although there has been turnover. We have had four in the last six years. Nevertheless, I feel the position can be managed well by an appointee even though an elected could do just as well. In no way should my support for Measure C be considered a criticism of Ms. Zneimer or the performance of previous elected City Clerk, Sally Kilby.

Richard Schneider, MD, City Councilmember

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