SPPD Arrest Man After Hour Long Crime Spree

On Saturday, Jan. 27, suspect Joshua Villalobos, a 27-year-old transient, went on an hour long crime spree in South Pasadena that resulted in his arrest in the 400 block of Bridewell Street in Los Angeles as he sat in the driver’s seat of the last car he tried to steal. During his crime spree Villalobos committed three residential burglaries, two of which occurred while the victims were home, two attempted carjackings, two auto thefts, three attempted or successful auto burglaries, and two hit and run collisions.

It all began at about 7 p.m. Saturday when Villalobos burglarized an apartment in the 300 block of Raymondale Drive in South Pasadena. Among the numerous items he stole was the victim’s bike. Villalobos then approached a victim in the 300 block of Raymondale and demanded the keys to the victim’s car. When the victim screamed Villalobos tried to stab the victim with a knife but missed.

Villalobos fled on the stolen bike and rode it to the 1900 block of Spruce Street where he parked it in the victims’ carport. He then forced entry to a door to the victims’ home, entered the home while the victims were upstairs, and walked through the bottom floor until he found keys to the victims’ cars. He used a set of keys to steal the victims’ car and fled in the car, leaving behind the stolen bike.

Villalobos ran a red light at the intersection of Mission Street and Fremont Avenue and broadsided another car, rendering the stolen car undriveable. Villalobos got out of the car and approached a victim who had stopped to help. He demanded that person’s car keys, but when the victim refused Villalobos struck the victim several times in the head and face.

Villalobos then fled on foot northbound on Fremont and tried to break into two parked cars in a nearby parking structure. When he was unsuccessful in getting into either car he fled northbound on Fremont to a home in the 700 block of Fremont. He entered an unlocked rear door to the home while the victim was home, found keys to the victim’s car, and fled in the stolen car.

The stolen car was spotted by Pasadena PD Air Support, PD-1, as it drove onto the southbound 110 Freeway. Villalobos crashed the car into a chain link fence that separates the freeway from Bridewell Street, which runs along the west side of the freeway. He climbed over the fence and began trying to break into cars in the 400 block of Bridewell Street, all the while being observed by PD-1. PD-1 directed South Pasadena PD to Villalobos’ location and he was arrested without incident as he sat inside a car he had just broken into.

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, Villalobos was arraigned in Alhambra Superior Court on numerous charges. South Pasadena PD is thankful that no one was seriously injured during Villalobos’ crime spree.