Support of Dr. Khubesrian’s Recent Efforts

To our fellow S. Pasadena residents and city council members, 

Neither of us ever have ever previously written to a city council member or a newspaper editor. However, we felt compelled to take a moment to let you know our full throated and hearty support of Dr. Khubesrian’s recent apparent efforts to eliminate gender inequity on our city commissions. It is absolutely crucial for any organization to ensure that many different voices from many different perspectives are “at the table.” Like it or not, the lens through which we view the world is informed in some measure by our life experiences and the community in which we were raised and/or identify most closely with, which includes gender. That just 35 percent of these positions have previously been filled recently with women is ridiculous in the year 2019 and I applaud efforts to intentionally add more female voices and thus viewpoints. We certainly would support intentional efforts to ensure that these positions have a diversity of additional voices including perspectives from constituents that are other than white, male, heterosexual and older. We certainly have no shortage of highly qualified and valued voices who currently bring that perspective to the city.  Of course, none of us are defined or limited by these “categories”. However, it would be foolish not to recognize and acknowledge that our life experiences and resulting perspectives shape who we are and that is linked in part to these societal constructs. We are better off with a multiplicity of perspectives at the table representing all of our fellow citizenry. 

In short, know that we and I’m sure many others support Dr. Khubesrian’s initiative.  

Joe and Jennifer McNulty

Proud S. Pasadena Residents