Three Days Until Jan. 1

Longtime So Pas float decorating volunteers (left to right) Sierra Nelson of Chicago and Lisa Allard of San Diego stand by one of the three birds to be mounted on South Pasadena’s “Three Little Birds” float for the ride down Colorado Boulevard Jan. 1. By today, flower petals will be added to the birds. Photos by Sally Kilby

This is “Crunch Time” for the So Pas Tournament of Roses float team. Judges appear Dec. 30 and 31. The theme of the float is “Three Little Birds,” a Bob Marley song. The overall parade theme is “The Melody of Life.” Here’s the progress on the So Pas self-built float:

Roses and other flowers are protected and stored in water at the construction site at the War Memorial Building until it’s time to add them to the “Three Little Birds” float.

1. Flowers are being added. The trumpet on the musical instrument-filled float is done.

2. All dry decoration is done.

3. Big pots of tropical flowers are 50 percent done.

4. Decorating the microphone on the float is completed.

5. Waiting to add flowers to the decks . . . if too warm, must wait perhaps until Dec. 29 or 30.

6. Team starts adding flower petals to the three birds for the “Three Little Birds” float.

Want to help decorate? Stop by the float at the War Memorial Building to see what shifts are open.