Two Lighting Upgrade Projects Underway at High School

The high school track is closed temporarily while work is being undergone to convert the stadium’s lighting to LED. Photos by Nancy Lem

The South Pasadena High School track and field will be closed to the public through July 3 while the stadium’s lighting is being converted to light-emitting diodes (LED) for increased energy efficiency and improved visibility. Additionally, the School District has begun Phase III of an energy savings project at the high school to retrofit and replace the remainder of the campus’ light fixtures and lamps with LED fixtures by the start of school in the fall.

Superintendent Geoff Yantz said the upgrades to the stadium lights will result in “safer playing conditions for athletes, improved spectator experience, decreased energy and maintenance costs and a smaller carbon footprint.” The project will be overseen by Hallpass Capital, Inc. dba GonLED, whose proposal was approved by the School Board at the March 5 Board of Education meeting.

Proof that existing stadium lighting is inadequate was collected from a series of field level assessments “which indicated that in certain areas, registered brightness levels were at one third to one fifth of what is recommended for high school athletic facilities,” according to the rationale offered by the District at the meeting. The project will cost $343,390.89 and will be paid for with Deferred Maintenance funds.

Phase III of the energy savings project, which was also awarded to Hallpass Capital, Inc. dba GonLED, will cost $223,231.73. The School Board approved the project, also to be paid for with Defferred Maintenance funds, at the May 8 meeting.