Unanswered Question on Home Inspection

(Regarding “SP Denies ‘Bullying,’’’ the Review, Nov. 1):

The city had a 90-minute press conference, but (city spokesman John Pope has not) answered my only question about the code-enforcement inspection of Alison Smith’s house:

Can you assure the public that the complaint filed with the city wasn’t filed by the city? In other words, can you guarantee that the complaint wasn’t filed by a city employee, city contractor or city elected official?

One question. Yes or no answer. Note that, after a 90-minute press conference, “We can’t discuss matters of ongoing litigation’’ is no longer an answer that passes the laugh test. I’m going to take a failure to answer as an acknowledgement that the answer is no.

Chris Bray, Grace Drive

The “confidential informant’’ (if there was one) was certainly no friend of Ms. Smith, so how did he gain access to the inside of her house? What specific “modifications’’ to the interior were alleged?

If the city inspectors investigated for other modifications, that was nothing but a fishing expedition and was done clearly in bad faith.

Lastly, are we still living in the U.S.A?

Bill Suter, Via Del Rey