BREAKING NEWS: Violent Car Accident as School Let’s Out Leaves One Driver Injured

A two-car collision right when South Pasadena Middle School was letting out shut down the far-right southbound lane at Bank Street and Fair Oaks Avenue today. No children were injured in the accident.

At least one adult woman was injured in the violent collision between a black four-door sedan and a gray sport utility vehicle. The injured party may have been the driver of the black sedan.

So Pas police and fire paramedics were on scene and one woman was placed on a stretcher and taken to an area hospital.

The accident is under investigation but one young Middle School student said the black sedan was in the middle southbound lane on Fair Oaks Avenue and tried to turn left against the red light, crashing into the sport utility vehicle.

“I was almost hit,” the young student said who declined to give his name. “I’m OK but it was scary.”

Scores of Middle School students watched as police cleared the area of the two cars and debris. The airbags in the vehicles were deployed.

Police had the far-right southbound lane shut down to traffic for less than an hour before re-opening the street to traffic.

Read all about the accident in next week’s print edition of The Review.