Vote Yes on Measure N

Letter to the Editor

The City’s taxpayer-funded propaganda misleads residents to believe that repealing the Utility Users Tax means cuts to essential services. No mention is made of trimming excessive City-employee pay, or the pensions eventually based on it. 

In 2017, according to, five City employees received more total pay than Governor Brown; eight had more overtime pay than their actual salaries (with one raking in an extra $111,000); nine made over $200,000 in pay and benefits (32 over $150,000); and nine City retirees collected over $100,000/yr in pension checks. 

From 2011 to 2017, overtime pay increased 44 percent, which allows base salaries to seem reasonable, while swelling total pay. A City financial report shows total spending during this period grew 45 percent to an additional $15 million/yr.

Some rationalize burgeoning expenditures in part for street repairs. But it strains credulity when numerous supplemental taxes are required just to do the basics, while many City employees prosper ridiculously, and all receive pensions the private sector can’t afford. Other municipalities may pay employees more, but only because government unions are gouging cities across the state.

It’s time for fiscal accountability. Vote Yes on N.

Tom Houg